Contacting Us

Telephone: 508-628-0112
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Mailing Address:

Watch City Cigar Co.
497 Worcester Road (Route 9 Westbound)
Framingham, MA, 01701

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday9am - 9pm
Sunday10am - 5pm

Directions To Our Store

Our store is located at 497 Worcester Road (Westbound), in Framingham, Massachusetts. Directions to our store are available on Mapquest (this link will open a new window).

Shipping Information

Shipping costs will be calculated by the system at checkout. Please Note: Watch City requires its shippers to obtain an adult signature for all tobacco orders!

International Orders

International Orders: Your shipping costs will be calculated when we process your order. International orders are shipped via United States Airmail Parcel Post which takes between 7 days and three weeks depending on the Postal Service in the destination country and/or Customs activity. Please email us at if you have any questions about international shipping.All non U.S. orders will be subject to a strict credit card/address verification process through the credit card's issuing bank.

Customs - Tarriffs, Taxes, Duties, Fees

WATCH CITY CIGAR CO. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTIES, TAXES, OR OTHER FEES THAT MAY BE IMPOSED BY CUSTOMS WHEN YOUR PACKAGE REACHES YOUR COUNTRY. We are unable to provide you with information about duties, taxes, or other fees that may originate in your country. By placing an order with Watch City Cigar Co., you agree to accept any and all charges that may be in addition to regular shipping costs. If you choose to not pay for these fees, and you abandon your package you are not entitled to any refund. Once the package leaves the United States, the package is your responsibility to either claim or abandon.

For our mutual protection, all packages are insured for the exact value of your order. We will NOT tell a shipping company that the value of the package is less than it actually is, or state "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". Please do not request us to ship or mark them any other way.

Check with your local authorities

Some of our products may be restricted for import and possession in your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that the product you are ordering is legal to possess. Although we may not be restricted by United States law to export an item, it may still be unlawful for you to import and/or possess these items.

As the buyer you become the importer of record and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are abiding by all local and international laws pertaining to importing and possessing anything you order from Watch City Cigar Co. No refunds will be given for packages confiscated by customs outside the United States.

7/19/05 Note: Due to increased customs activity we cannot currently guarantee delivery times to Great Britain. Delays of up to 3 weeks have been reported. We will notify you on this page when the situation normalizes. Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note: All non U.S. orders will be subject to a strict credit card/address verification process through the credit card's issuing bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your name is "Watch City" do you also sell watches?
Our cigar store started many years ago as the tobacco section of a convenience store on the main drag in Waltham, Massachusetts - also known as the "Watch City" because it was home to the famous Waltham Watch Co. Your dad or granddad may actually own a Watch City pocket watch! Buy him a Watch City cigar or pipe and start up a conversation!
A particular cigar is listed as being out of stock. Are there still singles available?
More times than not, yes. Our system only keeps an inventory of full sealed boxes. When the last sealed box is opened, the computer lists them as "Out of stock" or "Coming Soon". There may still be single cigars of that brand available. The best thing to do in this case is contact us, we'll be happy to help you!
Why is Ernie looking at me like that?
We don't know, but we suggest you don't make eye contact.
When I order a pipe, will I get the pipe I see on the page?
Absolutely! We think it is a travesty when companies show you one pipe and send you another. EVERY pipe that comes through our door is photographed. High end pipes are photographed from all possible angles. When you buy a pipe from us, rest assured it will be the same exact pipe you saw on our site!
How are your pipes measured?
Our pipes are measured with a device called a Dial Caliper and measurements are given in both Inches and Millimeters. Here is how we measure MOST pipes:
  • Length: This is the overall length measured from the tip (lip) of the stem to the part of the bowl which is furthest from you while smoking
  • Bowl Diameter: We measure from the left side of the bowl to the right side around the rim. In cases such as dramatically shaped oval bowls, dimensions from front to back are given as well.
  • Bowl Height: We measure from the center of the top of the bowl to the furthest point directly under the bowl
  • Chamber Diameter: This is a measurement of the tobacco chamber, and it a measurement of the width from one side of the inner wall to the other at the uppermost edge. "Conical" or "Tapered" bowls are marked as such.
  • Chamber Depth: We measure with a device called a "Depth Gauge" This measurement is taken from the bottom center of the bowl to the edge of the rim.
  • Bit Thickness and Bit Width: These measurements are taken of the "Lip" of the mouthpiece (The thickness of which seems to be quite important to many smokers). We measure from the top of the lip to the bottom and from side to side.
Why aren't measurements given for all your pipes?
We only recently made the decision to begin offering precise measurements of our pipes, and have found it to be a great service to our customers. Eventually we hope to have all pipes measured, but for now we will concentrate on measuring the higher grade pipes. While we work on this long term project, Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you would like measurements on a pipe which doesn't have any...we'll be happy to help you!
What is your return policy?

General Return/Exchange policy: Except for the circumstances listed below, we offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy. Call us or drop us an email to arrange for a return or exchange.

Pipe Returns: You may return/exchange any pipe purchased up to the 14 day period PROVIDED IT HAS NOT BEEN SMOKED. In addition, we guarantee all pipes to be free from any bowl defect that results in a "Burn Out" for a period of 30 days. This guarantee does not cover pipes against broken stems, cracked shanks or bowls, gratuitous abuse (burn outs caused by lighting with an acetylene torch*, dropping, sitting on, bite-throughs... you get the point.) Call us or email us before the 14 day period ends to arrange for a return/exchange.

(*Yes, this has happened, and yes, we CAN tell.)

Tobacco/Cigar Returns: We only accept returns/exchanges on Tobacco/Cigars if you have been sent the wrong product. In this case we will happily offer a return/exchange up to the fourteen day period provided the cigars/tobacco have not been opened. In addition, we will accept returns/exchanges on any opened boxes/tins of cigars which have mold or other physical damage. Call us or email us for a return/exchange.

Shipping Damages: If your item arrived damaged, please refuse the package and call us/email us to let us know. We will then ship you a replacement product immediately if one is in stock, or notify you of specifics if it must be ordered.

I placed an order and got an email saying that my package may not be shipped for 5 business days. What's up with that?
All orders placed before 2:00PM Eastern Time will be shipped same day. Orders recieved after 2PM Eastern Time will be shipped the next business Morning. The only time we will delay shipping is if your item(s) is out of stock/discontinued which case you will be immediately notified via email as to the status of your order at which time you may choose to wait or cancel at your discretion.