Tsuge Ikebana


"F" Grade. 1.55oz Numbered 143 40

Tsuge pipes are legendary, and so is the story of how we came to have so many of them. The Vegas RTDA show found Me, (Ernie Q., your humble pipe guy and webmaster) and Dan…watch city's founder and leader, at the Tsuge booth 15 min. after they opened the doors. already 4 of thier famous and beautiful "Ikebana" line pipes had been sold at that point. We asked the gentlemen when they expected to sell out and they told us by the end of the day. Well, we said, how much for all of them? The three japanese gentlemen began laughing hysterically. They stopped laughing quickly when we pulled out a checkbook. To make a 2 pipe story a 1 pipe story, we came home from Vegas with the largest selection of Tsuge Ikebana pipes in the USA. We'll stop here and let the pipes speak for themselves.

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