5 Stick by Cigar Caddy

By Cigar Caddy

Ultra-protection for up to 5 Cigars! WOW! Blown 100 yards from a Hummer in Afghanistan

One of our military customers brought in an 18 stick model that was with him on tour in Afghanistan. Both the Caddy and it's owner were blown 100 yards out of the vehicle during an attack. The turrett was completely blown off the Hummer and our customer was knocked unconscious but he was otherwise fine. The Caddy suffered only cosmetic damage!!

Pictures show the actual box and soldier...both in fine working condition!

The Cigar Caddy is waterproof, crushproof and it floats! Keep cigars moist and fresh for weeks with this cigar case. Store up to 10 Churchill cigars in the 10-Stick Cigar Caddy. This cigar humidor fits in a golf bag, briefcase or tackle box.

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