2017 Top Ten Sampler


All ten of 2017's best in a discounted package!

If you've been following our Top Ten for any amount of time, It won't come as any surprise to hear that Christmas around here drives us nuts. It's not the Holiday that bothers us. It's people that come in sucking their thumbs trying to figure out what the hell to buy for you schleps. "My husband smokes a cigar. It's brown...", "My grandson smokes a cigar called Opus-X? Can I get a box?". Let's not forget the silly shitfest that occurs when your sweetie comes in and finds out how much you're actually spending on your cigars.

We care about you, and actually feel bad for the beatings you all inevitably get from she who must be obeyed. Most of all, we really don't enjoy laughing hysterically at you because of your significant other's antics (Who are we kidding...it's the highlight of the season). To that end, we've kindly budled together this discounted sampler of our top ten sellers. Just say "Hey Sugar-Bumps, all I want for Christmas is a Watch City Top Ten Sampler". She'll come in, we'll slap the sampler down and get her out of here before you can say "Misogyny"!

You get one each of our top 10 picks for 2017:

1 H.R. Blue Label "Toro"

1 Hammer + Sickle Berlin Wall "Robusto"

1 La Flor Dominicana Reserva Especiale "El Jocko"

1 Illusione "Rothchilde"

1 Vegas Cubanas "Generosos"

1 La Palina Nicaragua Oscuro "Robusto"

1 Avo Synchro "Toro"

1 Hamlet Tabaquero "Toro"

1 Fonseca Maduro "10-10"

1 Carillo Connecticut "Gran Via"

That's a $107.00 Value for only $89.99!

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