Cigar Oasis XL Plus

By Humidifiers

Automatic humidification for 8 to 10 Cubic Feet!

Fully automatic Accurate humidity control

Virtually maintenance-free

Integral humidity indicator

Distilled water only

Low water and battery indication

Humidor enclosures up to 8-10 cu. ft.

Cigar Oasis XL Plus uses the same microprocessor technology and features as the Cigar Oasis XL. The basic difference is a change in the air flow and water cartridge which allows the Cigar Oasis XL Plus to pick up more moisture and thus provide more rapid humidification, especially for larger personal humidors, chests, end tables and other similar enclosures. the new Cigar Oasis XL Plus now uses a foam in the water cartridge which the user must fill with distilled water as described in the manual, eliminating wicks and water splashing around. Cigar Oasis XL Plus comes standard with a large cartridge and should be used with AC power since it will run more frequently in larger humidors and battery life would be short. However, when needed, an optional water cartridge/battery pack unit can be attached to the control unit for battery powered operation.

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