Xikar Pipeline Black Lacquer

By Xikar

The only pipe lighter we will ever carry!

We've had every pipe lighter manufactured come through our door. Then we sell them, and they wind up coming back in the door, usually accompanied by a disgruntled customer. No more.

This solid simple butane flint pipe lighter by Xikar has a 45 degree single flame, a built in tamper and the Watch City stamp of approval. They also carry Xikar's lifetime guarantee. We will never offer another crappy pipe lighter on this site.

This is it, folks...unless you lose it...you got it for life. They are sixty bucks apiece, and if that's too expensive for you...use matches. There are cheaper pipe lighters and more expensive ones that aren't worth the butane to fill them with. Xikar is the only pipe lighter you'll ever see on this page!

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