No 2 Hammer Sickle Berlin Wall


5x52 Honduran Criollo

Ever since the giant company who shall not be named screwed the poodle when they bought the Camacho Corojo brand, I've been looking for a cigar to match the great original brown label Camacho Corojo of the early 2000's. I still have a partial box of about six in my personal humidor (Unless you know my address and can dodge bullet's, you aren't getting one).

Hammer Sickle came out with this Berlin Wall and it's flying off the shelves. Its a near puro Honduran wrapped authentic Honduran Criollo. It's got a bit of Dominican in the filler to smooth things out. It's medium-full and is a dead ringer for that pre-embargo cuban flavor that so many cigars lack these days. Also they come in genuine Marble boxes and a band made out of copper or some shit.

We can't mention Hammer Sickle cigars without tipping our hat to the Rep. Nick Goss is a loveable narcissist who actually had stickers made of his face. We put one on our trash can.

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