No 1 HR Toro


Watch City Cigar of the Year 2017!
by Hirochi Robaina
Size 5x50

Hirochi Robaina is the great great great grandson fifteen times removed by common law marriage to the late great great great granddaughter of WHO THE HELL CARES? Regardless of the backstory that I don't have the time or desire to muddle through...this is, in my opinion, the best cigar to hit our shelves in many years. This cigar is rich, full bodied, built incredibly well, priced moderately and sells like a 2 dollar hooker on 1 dollar beer night! Incidentally, the best cigar I've ever smoked is the HR Signature (Brown Label. We have them here and they are downright seductively delicious. They are pricey....too pricey to get put on our top ten list...but if we did, it wouldn't be fair because it's make #1 every single year...You can find them here

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