Boveda 75

By Humidifiers

Two way humidity control packets set at 75%. Buy 1 packet for every 25 cigars your humidor CAN hold.

Boveda Humidity Packs offer a two-way humidity control technology is specifically designed for desktop humidors. Each Bóveda packet consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salt. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane. Within a closed desktop humidor Bóveda maintains a predetermined level of (RH) by releasing or absorbing purified water-vapor—as needed—through the membrane. Simply place the correct number of Bóveda packets inside your humidor to maintain a precise relative humidity. The number of Bóveda packets to use depends on the cubic volume of the humidor—regardless of how many cigars are actually stored inside. As a guide, use one Bóveda packet for every 25 cigars the humidor can hold. For example, a 50-count humidor would need two Bóveda packets; a 75-count humidor would need three Bóveda packets, and so on. The only exception to this guideline is for a small 25-count humidor where a minimum of two packets is still needed due to surface area and volume.

Built in Anti-Mold Humidification Device

Humidity Controlling Plastic Membrane

90 Day Stay Fresh Storage Compartment

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